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Handkerchief, ca, 1865, Belgian, cotton, bobbin lace  While most lace handkerchiefs consist of a woven fabric with a wide lace border, this example is made entirely of bobbin lace, a specialty of the Convent of Notre Dame de Visitation in Ghent. In 1852 Sister Marie-Joseph patented a new style of lace, now called Ghent Lace with Varied Ground, making it possible to employ workers of varying skill levels and to assemble large pieces quickly using motifs that could be prepared ahead of time.
White embroidery on navy blue

CACTUS WREN wall art

WREN Copper Wire Crocheted/Knitted Statement Collar Necklace/ Asymmetric Unusual Necklace/Industrial Simple Everyday Necklace. Made to order

Shrinky Dink bracelets with a lace pattern easily use punches to make this- wrap it around a can when 'cooking' so it stays the right shape...