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At first glance the German Shepherd may seem intimidating. The German Shepherd is seen safeguarding lots and chasing offenders down.

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Makes my heart happy! Who says cats and dogs can`t get along?


This is probably the truest thing i have ever read about the German Shepard- "I see you have cheese.I also like cheese." Though the word 'love' may be more accurate.

Duke by Christian Merk. Gorgeous German shepherd.

Duke by Christian Merk. Gorgeous German shepherd.

Pet Quotes

Pet Quotes

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So beautiful! So alluring! So Strong The German Shepherd! #GermanShepherd

I didn't think he was a purebred GSD until I clicked the link. His coloring is incredible. One of the most stunning dogs I've seen in a long time.

GSD🐶🐶 workplace organization - branch manager and assistant branch manager!