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Soul Tribe

When you meet someone from your Soul Tribe, you feel yo already know them ~The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

Look twice

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Nurture the souls in development, and create beautiful beings, not monsters.

your vibe attracts your tribe. What kind of people are in your life? Everyone is a reflection of some part of you.

Dj Investing in yourself FIRST

3 Reasons Artists Need to Invest in Themselves First

Motivation - What kind of tribe do YOU want to be apart of? What does your magical mini-world look like? What does your dream community do to inspire you EVERY SINGLE DAY? How can YOU make your vibe attract your tribe?

Members of our soul family, our pod, will weave their way throughout our lifetime <3 I think I've already met a few ;)

Members of our soul family will weave their way throughout our lifetime. Such a lovely thought xxx

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Recovery on one foot after surgery or injury can be challenging. Stay positive and off your healing foot. (Or in my case, Hip!

All together.

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together - Quote from Brene Brown.