I'm not a Christian anymore, nor am I gay. But as someone who supports gay people and believes that there is some good that can come from religion, this makes me very happy.

As a bi Christian, I say that this is true <<<< As an ace Christian I agree

In complete honesty I love the fact that I didn't think of any other reason than having a girl friend who likes the same things and doesn't think like a guy that a guy would say thi

Don't judge people, aren't we taught that we should love everyone? Sinners, thieves, etc etc etc? That includes LGBT! Also, where does it even straight out say being gay is a sin?

Worst thing ever

This really is the worst feeling in the world.<<<I feel this feeling way too often tbh :/

This is very important. I've been lucky enough to have teachers that aren't right out like that, but I've had a similar feeling about work before.

No it hormones, you have them, I have them. There will be bitchy teachers but that shouldn't represent the whole schooling system <<< but s majority of the schooling system is fucked up, you can't just blame behaviour on hormones all the time

If we would all just live together, we wouldn't have to hate one another. Why is that so hard to see? Why do we have to call people and their choices "wrong" or "weird"? Nothing is normal, there is no normal. Why do we have to think of things like they are normal or strange? Normal is a relative term, one that doesn't apply here. Everyone could live in harmony if only we let go of the insults and hate against people just trying to live their lives. It could be so much easier.

Stop the Hate

Such a simple topic. The sad part is that the ones we call "leaders" breed and encourage this cycle.

If you cared about children or people at all, guns would be banned

i hate america so much ugh

Funny things I found on tumblr xD

My fall is black leather, black boots, wings so good they make birds jealous and look like I could make any man or woman beg

I'm straight and I'd love to go to pride because I can. I'd love to go for those who can't, to show support.

My boyfriend and I appear straight but I'm on the asexuality scale and he is a straight ally for so many reasons, and I think we have a place at pride just like anyone else.

This may be a tangent but the pop-up globe's performance of As You Like It had Phoebe as a guy so there were two gay guys and everyone treated it as totally normal because it WAS and it was freaking awesome

Casual lgbt+ representation Majorly useful for my writing and future screenplays Writing prompt useful

This is hilarious, yet not explained enough at the same time.

idk how I feel about the polyamorous relationship, but not really my place to tell you how to live your life

Casual LGBT+ representation in media

Proper sex education programmes are desperately needed across the world. Abstinence is not the answer, teenagers have sexual urges it's natural and as long as they are both consenting they need to know how to protect themselves

Proper sex educational programs are desperately needed by everyone. I believe in abstinence before marriage, but I also know that sex education is key to to preventing a lot of America's issues

Hey fic writers, you rock. Carry on.

I have read fanfiction better than some "actual" books

Martina Skupinova on

and respect gay people without thinking they're try to "convert" your children.

Woman Is Shocked When Stranger Called Her A B***h For Not Responding To Him. What Followed Is Priceless.

Woman Is Shocked When Stranger Called Her A B***h For Not Responding To Him. What Followed Is Priceless.

Faith in humanity restored!