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ilustraciones de monstruos

What if Edward Gorey drew Lovecraft’s unspeakable horrors?

Theodor Kittelsen - Google otsing

John Kenn Mortensen (Donn Kenn) draws terrifying/awesome pictures of monsters on sticky notes. So reminiscent of Edward Gorey.

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Wow these are creepy! Don Kenn (AKA John Kenn Mortensen), who continues to fill Post-It pads and other odds and ends of office supplies with pen drawings of his d.

don kenn illustration 13 John Kenn: monster drawings drawn on post it notes

I think I saw Don Kenn's art somewhere in the UTJTiverse but just in case this is for you @Bree Ogden.

Monster Drawings Danish artist John Kenn spends his time writing and directing television, and raising kids, but manages to draw a portfolio full of elaborate and eerie monsters on Post-It notes. (via form is void) magpie & whiskeyjack: Monster Drawings

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(this is why i dont like to swim in the ocean!) Monsters on Post-It Notes - Post It Note Art by John Kenn

Parliament of monsters

What This Guy Does Using Just Post-It Notes Is Terrifying. Artist Don Kenn opens a window to a different world when he draws monsters on post-it notes.

Maybe you remember reading about John Kenn Mortensen’s Monsters On Post-It Notes before on this blog and maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. Monsters. I’m talking about…

Post-It Monstre By John Kenn Mortensen.