Foto: The ultra-rare hammerhead rainbow dragon. Taste the rainbow, or the rainbow might taste you!

CotN: Leviathan Concept Sketches by LDN-RDNT

CotN: Leviathan Concept Sketches by *LDN-RDNT on deviantART Potential candidates for possible monsters

Monsters by CreatureBox:

Descriptive Writing Prompt: PIck ONE monster. Begin a descriptive response: "Yesterday I found the most _______creature! I wish I would have had my camera with me, but I didn't. This creature. (describe the creature in detail) Read to partner, guess w

Sandworm - size for Bigger sandworm, and general look for both with a different colour Small: Green-Gray-ish Big: Gray

(By Jason Rhineville) ~Sand Wurm~ the fearsome sand wurm is a colossal creature with an appetite that matches its size. They consume any organic matter they can find, and will ruthlessly hunt any prey in the region, including other sand wurms.

Best. Trailer. Ever.  World (VIDEO):

Cyberpunk 2077 (VIDEO) + Cyberpunk 2077 – Mike Pondsmith About the Cyberpunk…