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Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Rachel Elizabeth Dare hit The Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hair brush. It was soooooo funny

thalia grace viria - Cerca con Google << Thalia?? Seriously??<<Are you freaking serious?!? Thalia?!?

I really like Burdge's, Andy's, and Viria's. But Viria's is the best, mostly because of the hair. In all of the other ones her hair isn't curly and frizzy enough.

Only Percy Jackson fans can unnderstand this.

The thing I love the best about Rachel haha :-) << she is a wonderful character and people should stop hating on her because she thought she liked Percy. Nobody ships perachel that deserves to be in the fandom.

Yo someone is making these cool movie posters. If only it were so

Guess what, guys! For school we are learning about Greece! It's going to be awesome! We are going to choose our own Greek names and there is going to be an Oracle! I hope I get to be the Oracle!

The most under appreciated character

Could you maybe draw Rachel? (Only if you want to of course) She is my alltime favourite from the pjo-books and I.

Rachel kicks butt. All you haters out there go away. Rachel is one of my all time favorites.

All you haters out there go away. Rachel is one of my all time favorites.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rachel kicks butt with blue hairbrushs

When you come back, I will make you Piper mCLEAN my room and trim my Gleeson HEDGE

I hate it when people are like, "I hate Rachel, she kissed Percy!" Like you wouldn't kiss Percy if you had the chance.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Leo Valdez <-- they'd be cute together, if it wasn't for Rachel being the all-powerful oracle

Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Leo Valdez<<<I love how her name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare. No one in this fandom questions why we call her by her full name. We just do.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare. But did anyone else realize that her initials spell RED?!?! And Percy is the representation of BLUE?!?! So they didn't work out!!! And Percy even said that his greatest fear was RED!!!!

Rachel Elizabeth Dare, seriously one of the best characters in PJ. She add another level of awesome to the books.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." --- Rachel Elizabeth Dare everyone

it's supposed to be Rachel Elizabeth Dare from the PJO series, but she also looks a lot like Clary, and if you think about it, her and Clary have A LOT in common!