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Amanda Wellsh by Benny Horne for Vogue Australia February 2016

Amanda Wellsh by Benny Horne for Vogue Australia February 2016 23 surf summer

Celebrating International No Bra Day

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A man's corner

Ever wonder what happens to lost surfboards?

Children’s Illustrations by Laura Diehl - this is a lovely magical piece!!

Children's Illustrations by Laura Diehl

Children’s Book Illustrations by Laura Diehl. Laura Diehl is a freelance illustrator based in Centreville, VA who works on children’s book illustrations, b

Instagram media by yagala

under the sea nail art

Rock These High Heels Made from Meteorites

Rock These High Heels Made from Meteorites

Shooting Stars & Meteor Showers in the MV sky last night…

{ 1985 } July 1, 1985  Titanic wreckage was discovered

The wreck of RMS Titanic

On July the Titanic was discovered. It was the first time the great ship had been seen for more than 70 years. The wreck was found by Dr Ballard in the North Atlantic approximately 450 miles short from the destination of New York.

Star Wars fans are making the greatest lightsabers in the world. This Graflex from Michael Murphy of FX Sabers uses a pair of quartz crystals that have been drilled underwater so they can be lit up with a series of fiber optics.

I’m in a suburb 30 miles outside of Sacramento, California, and Yoda’s teaching me how to fight with a lightsaber. In this particular case, Yoda is the online nickname for Michael Murphy, a.

And when her last breath left her lips, when she thought all was hopeless, she saw a light. A light shining in the darkness.

under water final battle book 1

Titanic!  www.intrepidexplorer.co.za...WOw She was huge, this foto enlarged shows just how small the submerciful was/is..great shot

Picture taken underwater of the RMS Titanic

Fire & Ice ~ "When you discover your Gift you discover your destiny." ~ A book series by teen author Erin Forbes Find out more on fireandicebookseries.com

She has to hide underwater.

Yes I am totally obsessed with mermaids. ...

Mermaid playing in the moon light

Hot Pink Starfish.

Blushing Hides: 10 Amazing Pink Animals

A hot pink starfish found on a SW Florida beach. Apparently, starfish can be the most amazingly intense colours but they fade quite rapidly when they get washed up. This one can't have been out of the sea for long then!

titanic underwater pictures real , israel , jeniliya desuja , juhi ...468 x 308 | 65.2KB | hansdrukker.nl

Titanic the biggest ship of its own kind rules many heart. Here are some Real Titanic underwater rare and unseen photos which are really amazing to watch.


Starfish resting on purple-striped shells. (the multi-color shells are Haitian tree snails)