This model has always reminded me a bit of Ruby (especially her expression here), but I’ve never been able to figure out her name.  Do...

Dutch model Lonneke Engel, by German fine-art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller


NEIGHBOUR WITCH: fortune teller, torot - i would've like to have been her in a former life

Leave me alone, I prefer the silence than you talking bullshit about everyone and everything

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7 Secrets to Getting Fuller Brows

7 Secrets to Getting Fuller Brows

Palazzo D'inverno. Lo Stile by Julia Hetta for Io Donna September 2013

Karin Hansson, Josefine Nielsen, Sophia Nilsson, Cecilie Deisting Skejø And Nora Lony Captured By Julia Hetta For Io Donna September 2013 Part II of III In 'Palazzo D'inverno.

lazulilapisly: Rimel Neffati life

by Rimel Neffati. Short black bob with bangs. This style is so freaking versatile-- it looks "done" with little to no styling, but it can be styled as anything from Sabrina-era Audrey Hepburn to Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice) to Beth Ditto to Amélie.

I love hard light. I love the shadows it creates and the colors it brings out. I also love the convenience it affords. I work exclusively with small flash,

Shaping Hard Light from a Small Off-Camera Flash for Dramatic Portraits

Function: Modeling- I love this picture because of how the red light subtly sculpts out the upper part of her face

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Juergen Teller   Inspiration for Photography Midwest   #pmw #photographymidwest

Juergen Teller for Jigsaw

Dutch model Lonneke Engel, by German fine-art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller