Doki Doki

Hazuki Nagisa <<< I have a classmate on our boy's swim team that's EXACTLY like him: short, blonde, happy, all that nice stuff.

Such a terrible school

Danganronpa Well you are captured by crazy person who told you to kill the other people that are also trapped.

Makoto ♥㊙

Makoto also seems to be one of the more sensible people in the group and can get a bit worn out from his friends' peculiar antics and mannerisms. He is the one usually restraining Haruka from randomly stripping or diving into fish tanks.

Nagisa Hazuki

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Yaaaasssss xD

So some of us have chosen who we are going to RP. The current roles filled are Marissa Ishii/Me = Haru , Eren Jager = Makoto CrocGirl = Rin Open Roles ~ Nagisa ~ Rei ~ Nitori ~ Momotaru ~ Gou ~ Sousuke ~ Kisumi And any other Free!

Too cute! Makoto x Haru

Makoto and Haru .Makoto was already acting like a Big brother , he is so kind 😱😇