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Fans, light your fires. |  Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers #saynotoHYDRAcap

Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers someone shoot him . This isn't some minor character an alternate universe this is Captain America we are talking about!

Oh Chris

Oh Chris

Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers Living Sunshine Chris Evans dislikes something, you know it must be bad.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier/// Aaaannnddddd there goes my heart...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- holy shit, the attention to detail and the Bucky feels

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War drama Avengers>> that's how they got Tom hiddleston to be in the Avengers


And I will NOT tell my daughter that her fav superhero is a bad guy. Shame on you, nick spencer ^^---exactly! Shame on you nick spencer!


- When Captain America hates this decision you should probably change it.

Coulson and Hawkeye by ~OrangePopFox on deviantART || Phil Coulson, Clint Barton || 720px × 2,007px || #fanart

The SHIELD TV show should totally have a Coulson and Clint-Barton-in-the-ceiling cameo. (also, OMG Coulson has a Captain America coffee mug XD)

wintersblackwidow:[I NEED 2 KITCHEN KNIVES AND A LIGHTER] I did wonder where she got the straightener in CA2

I was wondering how she straightened her hair in Captain America Falcon obviously doesn't have a straightener. If there's one thing Black Widow knows, it's how to improvise.

Love this!

"Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching." Avengers + Welcome to Night Vale. It works surprisingly well (especially the Howard Stark one, ouch). do I put this under Marvel, or under WTNV?