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chocolate covered marshmallows in m&m;'s. Great for entertaining... good for anything-on-a-stick

Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

Valentine's Marshmallow Pops - Strawberry marshmallows + chocolate + sprinkles on lollipop sticks. For Sella's Birthday.do with white chocolate and gray, light pink and white sprinkles.

Nul besoin d’une boîte de chocolats - Des tables pour la Saint-Valentin: 15 inspirations vues sur Pinterest

Valentine Kiss - Hershey Kiss, Toothpick, Paper Hearts OR, you could use a pine tree shape and create a sweet little forest!

Valentine's Day Treats: Six Fun Ideas

Valentine's Day Treats: Six Fun Ideas

Valentine's Dipped Rice Krispies Treats -- Heart-shaped Rice Krispies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. The easiest Valentine's Day dessert!

easy enough.  and yummy. who doesn't like rice krispies

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Fun Valentine's Day food your kids will love: Sweet heart Rice Krispie and marshmallow treats from Spoonful

Save some 20 ounce pop containers, fill with Valentine's Day M&M's, decorate with tag and a ribbon, and you have the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Easy, Cheap and Elegant Valentine's Day Decorations

Coca-Cola bottles ♥ cleaned & filled with the valentine M's. Add fun ribbons around the middle and tie a ribbon around the bottle neck

Fun Valentines rice krispie treats

Rice Krispie Valentine Treats 3 tablespoons large cups Rice Krispies (puffed rice cereal)Melt butter in a large saucepan. Stir in marshmallows and heat until melted, add in rice krispies.

Teacher Valentines!!! "I was soapin' you'd be my Valentine". Trust me, as a former classroom teacher, you can NEVER have too much SOAP in a classroom!!!! LOL!!! #Loveit #FREETagPrintable

"I was Soapin' you'd be my Valentine!" Great Teacher Gift with free printable! Could use Bath and Body Works soap.

Cotton candy -- 4 colours!

loving cotton candy + kids party + Bday fun + it's your birthday + goin' party


Chocolate Covered Strawberries: 3 Unique Recipes for Valentine’s Day!

pink strawberry milk & cupcakes!! That must take FOREVER! The glitter part looks the hardest!

Fill your heart with love — literally! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a heart cutout on the top of a cupcake, and then fill it in with a little pink icing. Cupcakes are always sweet, but Glorious Treats' Valentine's Day cupcakes are divine.

Mom's get crafty and make your kid's Valentine's Day favors ready. Great ideas for the classroom and party's or a treat for the lunch box.

Most Popular Valentine's Day Classroom Favors

Easy edible craft for almost any holiday or party theme! Candy kabobs for classmate holiday gifts!

Valentine's Marshmallow Pops » Glorious Treats

Valentine's Marshmallow Pops

Festive Valentine's Day treat that doesn't need baking? Try the very easy Marshmallow Pops dessert recipe for kids and adults alike

Cutest home made valentines! Drink "mix ins" are the "love juice"!

Great Kids' Valentines Ideas

Valentines Day "Love Juice" Bottle of water + Crystal Light Single Package = cutest gift ever.