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this is so awkward if you don't know what they're referring to! =)

Harvey Specter: Did you get it? Harvey Specter: Did you sleep with it under your pillow?

All the MARVEY feelings ♥

Picture: Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams in 'Suits.' Pic is in a photo gallery for 'Suits' featuring 120 pictures.

Donna Paulsen from Suits - Imgur

Donna Paulsen from Suits

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You're Not Butch Or Sundance.

Here's hoping things end better for Harvey and Mike than they did for Butch and Sundance.

Harvey Specter does clueless

Apparently Harvey Specter knows Clueless. {gif} xD One of the greatest videos I've ever seen!

They just heart each other so much!! #Marvey

They just heart each other so much!! #Marvey