Harry and Ginny Part 1

harry and ginny comic drawn by burdge part 1 (ginny shoving pie in harry's face)>>>> This would be how that scene in the movie would have gone if movie Ginny had been a bit more like book Ginny.

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(Open RP in the girl) i was thrown into the room with him as his giggling friends left, chase had caught me on the way in, "idiots.

if one killing curse left a scar the other one probably did too. art by burdge

his other scar.by *burdge-bug I never thought of this; Harry would probably have a second scar from the second time he was the victim of the killing curse.or would he, seeing as he actually died the second time.

Luca hollestelle/ Lily Luna Potter

Ginny Weasley by susanne draws. - Within the few moments it took the two seventh years to utter the words 'Loony Lovegood' Ginny's death glare was already at a level her hand in her pocket reaching for her wand.