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Samoseli Pirveli

“The first garment” – For popularization of Georgian traditional “chokha.” Collection presented by the Georgian National Ballet ensemble, Sukhishvilebi, Erisioni and Rustavi dancers. Dresses below are by Samoseli Pirveli.

Georgische traditionelle Kleidung. ქართული ხალხური სამოსელი. Traditional Georgian Clothes, Costumes

Noble’s Robe, by Samoseli Pirveli.

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writersblockbuster: “Samoseli Pirveli (meaning “first garment”) is a shop that specializes in traditional Georgian clothes, which differ according to the “strata and regions of Georgia” (source). One style of garment is called a “chokha” and another,.

Noble City Dwellers Robe | Samoseli Pirveli, Georgian National Costume

gdfalksen: Noble City Dweller’s Robe, by Samoseli Pirveli. Typical robes of Italian wizards.

BOLSØYBUNADEN Bolsøybunaden ble laget av Mali Furunes og var ferdig i 1947. Mali Furunes var leikleder, og kollega og venninne av Klara Semb, en kvinne som har betydd mye for arbeidet med å rekonstruere bunader i Norge. Rent drakthistorisk bygger bunaden på et noe tilfeldig draktmateriale. Den har vært i bruk blant romsdalskvinnene siden 1940-tallet og er fremdeles en populær bunad.

Blue "Bolsøybunad" from Bolsøy, Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

“Samoseli Pirveli” - Georgian National Costume. Winter Mokhevian Dress -  Collection 2011.

“Samoseli Pirveli” - Georgian National Costume. Winter Mokhevian Dress - Collection 2011.

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Black dress - possibly skirt combo? Short enough to look practical, long enough to look badass.

Tatar Türk kızı

Crimean Tatar girls in national costumes.

მთიულები - Google Search  Georgian National costumes

მთიულები - Google Search Georgian National costumes

Ewenki ou Evenki costumes (anciennement connu sous le nom Tungus ou Tunguz; mongol: sont un peuple de l'Asie du Nord toungouses:

World Ethnic & Cultural Beauties

Y.& SONS 2015秋冬コレクション

Y.& SONS 2015秋冬コレクション

Turkic Tatar Muslim Girl - Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups that live in central, eastern, northern, and western Asia as well as parts of eastern Europe. They speak languages belonging to the Turkic language family. They share, to varying degrees, certain cultural traits and historical backgrounds.

FolkCostume: Village costume of Tatarstan

Проект "Адыги.RU" (www.adygi.ru)

Проект "Адыги.RU" (www.adygi.ru)

京都を拠点に活動する男着物ブランド「和次元 滴や」。現在10周年記念でスペシャル企画を実施中で、Japaaanでも紹介させていただきました。[insert_post id=32438]今回は関東近郊に在住の方に朗報です。和次元 滴や、東京に…

京都を拠点に活動する男着物ブランド「和次元 滴や」。現在10周年記念でスペシャル企画を実施中で、Japaaanでも紹介させていただきました。[insert_post id=32438]今回は関東近郊に在住の方に朗報です。和次元 滴や、東京に…

Всё, что останется после меня... - Грузинский национальный костюм

Всё, что останется после меня... - Грузинский национальный костюм

Friars were just as familiar to war in the olden days as they were to prayers and peace.

sca garb IV by DorianNavarre