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When you think of old people you may think of a little old granny who make cakes and cookies but the truth is not all old people are created equal. Here is a collection of some of the coolest old people we have ever seen.

Alma de juventud..... always!!

Alma de juventud..... always!!

F U Kids We Are Still Young: Tow old people standing with there gears on and have skateboards in their hands with there middle finger up like Fuck you kids we a

SKILLS or SKULLS hora si que montese en la salchicha o.o


That’s some Steve Van Doren invention right there.

There are 12 tips to buy these shoes: vans black clothes sneakers wheels roller skates skates summer sports skate board vans roller skates skateboard nike sb team edition 2 sb vans patines vans of the wall black sneakers.

yellowblog: スケーターのウェディングドレス姿。スケボーで教会の前にて | @Atsuhiko Takahashi

yellowblog: スケーターのウェディングドレス姿。スケボーで教会の前にて


Items similar to Handmade longboard skateboard - Complete "Duke" deck, red and white crest.

Longboards USA - Tropical Night 40 inch Pintail Longboard from Punked - Complete, $96.99 (http://longboardsusa.com/longboards/beginners-longboards/tropical-night-40-inch-pintail-longboard-from-punked-complete/)

Tropical Night 40 inch Pintail Longboard from Punked - Complete

Longboarding. Other than being on the internet. This is my other most favorite pastime. I ride my longboard everywhere. This just happens to be the exact same board I own. It is a loaded vanguard.

Loaded 42" Vanguard Flex 1 Longboard Complete

Loaded may not be the best longboard company, but they sure do have cool boards.