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Samuel and Saul enjoy a meal together on a rooftop

Elders, How Do You Feel About Training Others?

Samuel and Saul enjoying a meal on the roof of the prophet's house.

Noé y su familia construyendo el arca y preparando el alimento

El arca de Noé

Moisés levanta la vara del Dios verdadero mientras Aarón y Hur le sostienen los brazos

No dejemos caer las manos (Sofonías 3:16)

Moses holds the rod of the true God while Aaron and Hur support his arms- " Do not let your hands drop down"- Zeph Jehovah can strengthen and help us to endure and have joy.

José interpreta dos sueños Génesis 40:1-23 ♔

A painting by Del Parson depicting Joseph of Egypt in prison, interpreting the dreams of the butler and the baker, who sit near him.

Sadrac, Mesac y Abednego se niegan a adorar la imagen de oro.HD.

Apoyemos el gobierno de Dios y seamos neutrales

Commentary on Daniel 3 (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Refuse to Bow)Tough Questions Answered

Un siervo de Dios de edad avanzada que se ha mantenido fiel habla con una familia joven en tiempos antes de Cristo

Fortalezcamos nuestra fe en las cosas que esperamos

A faithful older man in pre-Christian times talks with a young family

Moises y los diez mandamientos

New version.The editor said that first looks like Charlton Reston ( but i'd rather oldd Chuck,rs) moses 2

The basin of water and the altar

The Tabernacle, a Tent for Worship

Jesús carga su madero

La Atalaya, 2016, número 2

Why Did Jesus Suffer and Die? What relevance does the execution of one man, some years ago, have for you?

Un ángel se le aparece a Moisés en un arbusto en llamas

El punto de vista bíblico sobre los ángeles

Lot and his daughters had faith enough to not look back. Imitate their faith! Love Jah more than anything or Anyone else and we will survive!

Lot and his daughters had faith enough to not look back -- JUST KEEP GOING once you find the Truth from God and his Son.

Samuel rejects Saul as king

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1 - 7 - 20 - 34 - 35 or pages 226 - 227 in The Children’s Golden Bible.Target Age Group: through gradeWelcome the children to the classroom and chat with.

Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman at a well

What Is a Shrine? Should Christians Worship at Shrines?

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