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visitheworld: Lake O’Hara, Yoho NP / Canada (by Sergio Rymar).

Creo que Paisaje pertenece a Ucrania, de donde son mis bisabuelos maternos.

The Old Road Tree Tunnel Ballynoe County Down Northern Ireland Cat Shatwell


Wunderschöne Krokuswiese in den Bergen - There aren't many places more beautiful than a swiss meadow on a spring day!

The Enchanted Cove

Rose Bay by Paul Moon Photography - Yorkshire, England.

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Cathedral Rocks vista from El Capitan Bridge, Yosemite National Park, California (USA)--Been there!

500px / Photo "Vintgar" by Stolpulus II

/ Photo "Vintgar" by Stolpulus II

Bibury, Gloucestershire, England

Bibury, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, England, UK - This would be such a lovely place to live.

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Tara and her parents were going to Madagascar for the summer, and since she got suspended she was going to stay with her cousin, Emily, in Willow Falls, a small town her parents grew up.

Wandering the beautiful countryside

Limerick, Ireland (by Bill Power) (All things Europe)

"The road less travelled" by Bill Power on - This road less travelled in the forest area of Ireland must be entered by way of the gate even on a beautiful autumn day like this one.