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I need to leave this town! Thank god that I have a month long vacation coming up. If not for that I have no idea what could keep me going.

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Do it!! Go to Montana! Start again! And this time worry about yourself. The kids are gone its time to grow for you!

Exactly how I feel at the moment. Sometimes I just want to do this whole life thing from scratch. Just leave and start over with new people and places.

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I have itchy feet-wanderlust-the travel bug-I don't know when I will be able to travel, with my medical school plans and all, but someday I'm going to just GO. Wanna Come? Look @ all the places I want to go on my travel board!

Love this -- all my favorites wrapped up in one quote -- but they did leave off Shakespeare!!!

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Dress like Jackie, act like Audrey, inspire like Lilly and party like Gatsby.oh how I love Gatsby!

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when im home over winter break im just gonna take off to the beach by myself for a day.