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I just finished eating a pack of those!! Haha

Okay I'm obsessed with sour patch kids but here's the weird part… I only like the red and orange ones. I'm not even kidding I will buy a box of sour patch kids and I'll pick out the red and orange ones.

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Yep, but then I look back and realise there aren't any photos of me and it's like I was never there...

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I may just get a bit overly excited when it starts to get cold and I can break out the fuzzy pj's :) just girly things

If you bugged my house while I was home alone, I hope you like hearing disney sung at the top of my lungs.

I love to sing to myself. It keeps me calm. It also helps me get through tough situations. I don't enjoy singing in front of others. I don't have a bad voice or anything, I just don't want others to hear me singing.

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When you say them in public and people are just like what the heck are you talking about? And you laugh and feel bad not explaining but you don't want to explain because it's an INSIDE joke! Not and outside joke.