Después de pasar un rato observando las ilustraciones del artista francés Nesskain, solo puedo decir que me han enamorado. Trabajos que hacen que te apasione la ilustración, formas cubicas con un claro sabor a manga/comic ya que el mismo artista se confiesa seguidor absoluto de ese mundo. Autodidacta y apasionado de la naturaleza. Así es Nesskain.

Ilustración emotiva de Nesskain

nesskain: “Something I’ll never finish. Sometimes I’m using random colors and waiting for the right one to pop up and it never end… I call it the endless color palette loop theory… ”

Reflections still look the same to me. by on @DeviantArt

Reflections still look the same to me. by Nesskain on DeviantArt

Hey guys! Here's the final piece from yesterday's video starring my new drone and Milo!! This was one of the most challenging episodes but turned out to be one of the favorites. Hope you enjoy it!&...

Here’s the final painting from yesterday’s episode starring my drone and Milo! This one was quite challenging and turned out to be one of my favorites. Hope you guys enjoy it!

الصديق نسيب الروح ♡ الصديق إنسان هو أنت إلا أنه غيرك ♡صديق حميم♡ أفضل صور لصداقات حميمة .. برومانس Bromances وهي لكل الناس بلا إستثناء فالحب والتعامل الإنساني هو شيء وجداني فكن مع الإنسان الذي تحب ويحبك ...  شارك..المحبة

“ emalestranged said: yesterday was my birthday :D maybe some angsty sad sterek drawing… but if you don’t wanna it’s totes cool ^-^ ” Ok, this took longer than I thought it would (probably because i got a bit carried away with this haha ha) But happy.

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