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Love danger and will always survive the storm, being l busting through the other side screaming "Is that all you've got?

Scorpio me to a T!!

I take pride being a Scorpio!


For me if I'm trusting & loyal there is nothing I need to hide my password would be shared.But if my trust is betrayed by something being deleted or posted in my name not by me there will be no more trust.

Most computer hackers are #scorpio

😂 especially that Star Trek one. Note+Card+Horoscope+Scorpio+by+Pegalee+on+Etsy


The rest is pretty good too, especially the last part. (I'm basically full Scorpio the "sexy/seductive/good in bed.

I know I'm pinning a lot of these but its wierd how accurate some are in ways...

What is your zodiac sign?

Being a Scorpio

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This is definitely true of me. :-)..........#me

Scorpios just take a lot of work. My best friend and my honey are scorpios.


The only thing on this list that really matters is the detective thing, hell yeah we'd be awesome at it!