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RPGOTG - [Overwhelming] Onslaught+

Onslaught possesses a multitude of powers far beyond any villain, not to mention…

RPGOTG - [Darkness Within] Angel+

Angel’s multiple deaths and rebirths at the hands of Apocalypse and others have…


the Punisher by Ardian Syaf, Alejandro "Boy" Sicat, and me - Omi Remalante Jr. the Punisher colors

thecomicsvault:Punisher Kills The Marvel UniverseArt by Doug BraithwaiteWords by Garth Ennis

the Punisher kills the Marvel universe by Doug Braithwaite - "'Cause somebody had to be first.

RPGOTG - [Cold Killer] Drax

This is a helper site for the Mobage game Marvel War of Heroes