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wFB3DNan.jpeg (1252×1252)

wFB3DNan.jpeg (1252×1252)

Dibujo de lineas de diferentes colores                                                                                                                                                      Más

23 Formas de relajar tu mente y poner a tu cerebro en su lugar

PP "Love Me Doodle...Is doodling good for our brains? (Speaking for myself, doodling can be very meditative and therapeutic, and it helps with concentration and memory. It enables me to enter into an alpha state; I use it for healing and a sense of serenity, when I am stressed, especially when I have kinetic energy that needs an outlet. --GL)"

Love Me Doodle... Is doodling good for our brains?

Module 3: Zentangle. This is a very detailed garden; I love it!!!

45 Creative Doodle Art Tutorials and Examples

From original poster: Zentangled Garden. This is my second zentangle. I like drawing normal objects and scenes then putting a zentangle design within them. Can you see my little frog behind the flowers?

What do you think?!

Optical illusion drawing on lined paper (Octopus)! Found on Moodý Photography (FB).