[GAME-INSPIRED] Remember Me is an upcoming video game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in Paris in the concept art of the game imagined by Paul Chadeisson shows us a dystopian version of the City of Light.

Digital Bloom

Cyberpunk writing prompt: This is it. An entire city on the edge of life and death. How did I ever get to be the one to decide the fate of this many?

raining in russian futuristic city

The trick is not to mind that we're all just still-warm worm food. Bring back optimistic sci-fi.

LARKIN · ...solo hay guerra ... · Comunidad Umbría - Rol por Web

Paris cityscapes futuristic cyberpunk science fiction artwork Remember Me - Wallpaper ( / Wallbase.

Neo-Seoul - Collection of concept art from Cloud Atlas - Imgur

Cloud Atlas concept art and design by George Hull. “ Concept Artist George Hull has released some amazing concept art he created for Cloud Atlas. His other film projects included Elysium, The Amazing.

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By: Benjamin Hart Ever since Star Wars 1313 was officially announced over a year ago the video game has been shrouded in mystery, bot.

The future city (by ilya Tyljakov) by RaZuMinc.deviantart.com on @deviantART

RaZuMinc's "The future city (by ilya Tyljakov)" / sci fi / fantasy / high tech / blue city lights / digital art


artbyfrankhong: “ Personal art “Midnight Drive” When I get bored at night, I go out for a drive. Put on a good tune and this is what I see.

Jan Urschel

Great selection of futuristic digital art by Singapore based concept designer and illustrator Jan Urschel.