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Египетская Бастет кошка богиня Опираясь на Свеча Колонный Статуя # WU76698A4 Ручной росписью, Тяжелые, Тонкие пастельных тонах и Бронзовый Смола ручной отполированной отделкой Основание: 3 "х 3,25" х 11 " Основание: 7,62 х 8,89 см х 27,94 см см высотой Он может вместить большую свечу около 1 3/4 дюймов в диаметре (4,44 см диаметром) или просто быть Бастет, прислонившись древнего столбчатой структуры.

Egyptian Goddess Bast Bastet Cat Statue Leaning on Candle Pillar #WU76698A4

So cats became animals sacred to the solar deity. Egyptian Bast Bastet Cat Goddess Cat Leaning on Candle Pillar Statue. This beautiful depiction of the cat headed Egyptian Goddess Bast is something to see.

Bast - cat goddess

ACEO of the egyptian cat goddess Bast in her cat form Watercolor and ink on illustration board Original is traded but prints are available f.

Bastet  "Devouring Lady" (from bas, to devour, with feminine ending)    Bast is first and foremost a protectress; specifically of the royal house and the Two Lands. Later she got the life-preserving goddess of joy and protector of women. However, Bast's original role did not include the "cat as sex symbol" archetype. Worshiped in the Delta city of Bubastis and usually depicted as a cat or in human form with the head of a cat, Bast was seen as a protector of cats and those who cared for them.

Bastet – Goddess, protector of the pharaoh and a solar deity where the sun could be seen shining in her eyes at night, a lioness, domestic cat, cat-bodied or cat-headed woman.

Bastet (or Bast) is a Feline Goddess of Egypt worshipped since the Second Dynasty. Bastet began as a Lioness Goddess and became a Cat Goddess. One myth relates that Bast, as a lioness, fiery and wrathful, was once cooled down by the water of a lake and transformed into a gentle cat and settled in a temple. Bast was a Goddess of the Sun throughout most of Ancient Egyptian history, but later when she was changed into a Cat Goddess rather than a lioness, she was changed to a Goddess of the…

Bastet (or Bast) is a Feline Goddess of Egypt worshipped since the Second…