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Anna Pavlova Russian Dance Costume 1910's

This is a colourization of the famous Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova in the Russian costume kokoshnik. She was very determined to become a ballerina fro. Anna Pavlova in kokoshnik

Maid of honor, Princess Elizaveta.Vladimirovna .Baryatinskaya (in a dress for the performance of the Russian dance at the costume ball), 1903 |

Maid of honor, Princess Ekaterina.Vladimirovna Baryatinskaya (in a dress for the performance of the Russian dance at the costume ball), 1903

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wearing the Vladimir Tiara - When the Grand Duchess Vladimir died in 1920, the Tiara passed to her daughter, Princess Nicholas of Greece who sold the jewels to benefit both her family & Russian charities. She sold this piece in 1921 to Queen Mary. In Part 2 of De Kongelige Juveler, one can see a written record of the purchase; the tiara was sold to Mary along with a diamond riviere for a price of £28,000 with all but £3,000 paid at the time of writing.

Queen Mary, wearing the Tiara of the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, the Elder, of Russia, with its original pearls.

Mary of Teck, Queen consort of King George V, wearing the Delhi Durbar Tiara (original setting), United Kingdom (1911; emeralds, diamonds).

Queen Mary wearing the Delhi Durbar Tiara with Cambridge Emeralds, and necklace, stomacher, five-row diamond & pearl collar and an extra diamond necklace above it.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco & Salma Bennani

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, wife of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, wearing her wedding tiara at her marriage in

DINASTÍAS | Los Foros de la Realeza • Ver Tema - LOS PRIMOS HERMANOS DEL REY

DINASTÍAS | Los Foros de la Realeza • Ver Tema - LOS PRIMOS HERMANOS DEL REY

Princess Alice of Battenburg tiara--broken up and used to make other jewels for Princess Elizabeth when she married Prince Phillip. Believed to make up the Battenburg Button or Daisy Tiara.

Princess Andrew of Greece, mother of Prince Philip, wearing the tiara dismantled to create Quen Elizabeth II's weding gift bracelet and engagement ring


Photo Spotlight: Queens of the Past-Queen Victoria Eugenia (Ena) of Spain tiara

Queen Marie of Romania in diamond circle tiara - now lost. This wonderful diamond circle tiara was in the possession of Queen Marie, but when she left her jewels in the Moscow bank for safe keeping during the Revolution, the Soviets stole this tiara along with other jewels and they have not been seen since.

Queen Marie of Romania in diamond loop tiara - now lost. But costume- loving queen lives on in memory. More below including a huge Cartier crown.

Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg granddaughter of Q. Victoria, mother Princess Beatrice became Queen of Spain. At the dinner, a niece of Edwards’s caught the eye of the Spanish king: 17 year old Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, known to her family as Ena. Description from typicallyspanish.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Queen Ena of Spain wearing the Cartier loop tiara--its present whereabouts unknown. Apparently there are very few photos of the queen wearing this particular jewel.

Another obscure tiara that may or may not exist is the County of Surrey tiara.   Here it is being worn by Queen Mary.

HM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck wearing the County of Surrey Tiara