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Páramo Sumapaz
Small and lovely family-based organic farm in the middle of the hills of Maceo, Antioquia, Colombia. The younger generation of the family selling fresh fruits and delicious hand-made sauces at the front yard on a sunny morning.   #traveling #ecotourism #tours #nature
La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia. Bogota's colonial part of the city is full of interesting and talented street art that usually have happy or sad stories behind them. One of the reasons to love Colombia is its unique way to express history and make life a bit more colorful.
Bogotá, una de las grandes capitales con mayor zona verde del mundo, cuenta con alrededor de 5200 parques y trece humedales alrededor de su área metropolitana.     http://www.bogotaturismo.gov.co/pagina-area/ecoturismo    Foto: Abdú Eljaiek