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More How To Style #2 with this versatile fabric - makes ponchos, shrugs, scarves, jackets, shirts  See Videos for more how to style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb_RpUSC1As  For Poncho, fold in half.  Put head through center, can wear at an angle, v at front, sideways.  Make the shirt by wrapping back and snapping at front, then draping neck over snaps.

Cardigan Like a Bina Brianca Wrap is Must-have Womens Top

Style with versatile fabric - makes ponchos/shrugs/scarves/jackets/shirts. Poncho: Put head through center to wear at an angle, v at front, or sideways. Shirt: Wrap back & snap in front, then drape neck over snaps.

DIY: men's shirt into dolman tee

Trash To Couture: Old Mens T-shirt Sewn Into Women's Dolman Tee Super easy

DIY - reprendre les jambes d'un pantalon pour passer de bootcut à slim by Merricks Art

Wide Leg Trouser Refashion (Tutorial)

Shoulder Cover - Cuello a raiz de un jersey con botones

Great idea for sweaters my husband shrunk! Absolutely NO SEW cowl infinity scarf from an old sweater. I don't have an old sweater to use for this, but I like it so much I may need to plan a trip to goodwill to find one!

Trash To Couture: DIY. Fringe Sleeve/Seam Tee

Trash To Couture: DIY. Fringe Sleeve/Seam Tee - Tutorial for adding fringe trim to a tight tee to make it adorable and wearable!

diy easy no sew t-shirt reconstruction

diy easy no sew t-shirt reconstruction

Trash To Couture: Macramé Racerback from t-shirts #DIY #crafts #refashion

DIY Macrame Back Tee Shirt Tutorial from Trash to Couture here. There is a link to a really good video on how to macrame the back that Trash to Couture made. From personal experience I find it better to err on the side of too long of strings/rope/tee mate

DIY T-Shirt Tunic Dress ~so doing this soon.  Can't make the Tim McGraw tee into a diaper after realizing it's from the concert Justin and I went to in '02 ;)

Diy Couture Tshirt Dress

Diy Couture Tshirt Dress Transform a mans T-shirt into a classic tunic dress or for me a tunic top to wear with leggings.

Found this cardigan today and bought it!!! Best invention ever!! You can wear it 5 different ways and more!! <3 Jacob!

Wear it 5 ways: Multi-wrap cardi - With 5 stylish ways to tie it, the multi-wrap cardi gives you several wonderful ways to chic your look from Monday to Friday and throughout the weekend. Criss-crossed around the neck Tied behind the neck, halter sty