"The enchanted white shirt of sex. It goes places. The Adventure of ”Sherlock’s White Shirt” in Setlock. <---- still like purple shirt of sex better :D" — Oh God, there's a whole photo set for the White Shirt of Sex?

ben doing martin's thing. Your argument is invalid.

How is it even POSSIBLE that he can make this weird face/nose wiggly motion and it still be sexy?

Benedict Cumberbatch with kids.... Just staph....I...can't.....I......can't....

Someone give this man children. Seriously << I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! I would give this man so many children he wouldn't know what to do with sheer amount of adorableness <---- funny but true

Post with 9878 views. A scruffy, contented looking Benedict for your Tuesday viewing pleasure


“Benedict Cumberbatch portraits by Hiroyuki Tsutsumi for Doctor Strange promotion in Japan [x/x] ”

I should not be laughing this hard. You know some actors would wear something different or wear a hoodie and sunglasses to cover their face to get away from them but not Benedict he puts a napkin on his face!! Lol :3

Well Done, Benedict

Paparazzi:have you seen benedict around here somewhere?, Benedict:no sir, sorry but im just a napkin. Other paparazzi in the background:aw man I swear I saw him.

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Why so people keep changing this hair! Sorry to anyone who likes him with blonde and or straight hair but I hate it. He is perfect with black curly hair