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Yo quiero aprender objective-c porque me gusta trabajar con computadoras. Computadoras siempre estaban interesante a mi. Yo escribo código para computadora juegos desde séptimo grado. Es muy divertido cuándo tú conoce que hacer.

: New Open Source iOS Objective-C Dependency Injection Framework

20 Examples of Android & iOS UI Design Inspiration | Part #5

20 Examples of Android & iOS UI Design Inspiration

UI design of a mobile interface can really have a profound effect on a smartphone user. It can make or break an app. I know I will not use an app unless it is

linksys-router-adding a password

How to Add a Password to Your Wi-Fi Network

Online registratie: voorkeur voor social login

how to solve the online registration challenge Infographic 86 Percent of Users May Leave a Website When Asked to Create an Account

Infomatic - Social Stats in one App - Design and Development by Saturized

App user interface design and development by studio Saturized for the Infomatic app. The app shows all your social stats.

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20 UI Design Examples From Mobile Games

20 UI Design Examples From Mobile Games

Essential information for your entertainment and success.

[Infografik] Android-Apps sind fantastisch

I love Mike from Creative Mints - his work is AWESOME!! iOS Game / Arcade

iOS Game / Arcade

iOS Game / Arcade / Creative Mints / example for super lightweight ui

Die eigenen Apps hat Google schon weitestgehend an das neue Material Design angepasst. Damit App-Entwickler ihre Apps künftig anpassen können, hat Google einen Leitfaden erstellt. Dem Nutzer soll damit eine einheitliche Oberfläche geboten werden.

Leitfaden für Material Design: Google veröffentlicht Style-Guide für Android-Apps

Material Design: Why the Floating Action Button is bad UX design — Tech in Asia — Medium