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The Transparent Canoe Kayak - Hammacher Schlemmer. Paddling in a glass bottom boat, in Australia = Heaven

En cualquier lugar menos aquí.

30 Lugares en los que preferirías estar sentado en este momento

The world’s first and only boat to include a pool and hot tub. Hot Tub Boats is working with the Coast Guard to make the safest boat possible and is also waiting on a patent for their design and. - The world’s first and only boat to include a pool.

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Seaview 180° Revolutionizes Snorkel Technology

Há na Decathlon - The Seaview lets you breathe thru your nose and has no mouthpiece to bite on. With its revolutionary wide view, it is almost like being able to breathe underwater.

If this was bigger it would b awesomer!

Wishlist: The Transparent Canoe Kayak. This canoe-kayak hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers paddlers an underwater vista unavailable in conventional boats

The killer whale personal submarine.

The killer whale personal submarine. Oh-ho.

Top 7 de ejercicios para adelgazar en verano

Top 7 de ejercicios para adelgazar en verano

All inclusive beach resorts lists. Includes a list for Hawaiian, Caribbean, and the top five all inclusive beach resorts.

Los útiles y ecológicos enchufes solares portátiles

Charge your devices anywhere with this solar powered window socket. A portable charger which can easily be mounted on any glass-smooth surface.This Is A Good Idea .For You To Charge.Your Charger

Oh my gosh.  A capsule-jet-boat-yacht.  So awesome.

Jet Capsule Mini-Yacht