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Meu Perfeitão lindo

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i'm hurting baby, i'm broken down. i need your loving, loving.

louis tomlinson

Just in case you needed a close up picture of Louis from when they performed on the today show.

Model model model

Louis Tomlinson was at the Teen Choice Awards yesterday (obvs because he is an important member of One Direction) looking like a manly man. click the picture

[ open rp. be louis. credit to: @JustKindaThere ] louis and i were best friends. ever since my brother and him met, we've been friends too. he was a little older than me but who cares? i didnt. i had deep feelings for him but i knew he would never like a girl like me. i was... different. lets just say i was emo. a guy like him would never like a girl like me. my brother invited you over. i run down the stairs as soon as you arrive.

[Louis Tomlinson] "Hello," I smirk. "I'm Louis. I'm twenty four and single. I only do hookups, though. I drink and smoke a lot. I'm very rich. My little sister, Alex, lives with me. Hurt her and I'll kill you. I grew up in a broken home.

That's hot

Really Lou .stop smoking<< he's an adult so yeah it's not the best example to give but there's a lot singers who smoke like matt healy so why is it only because he's part of one direction thats it a big deal?


my softball number :D (and no I didn't just chose it because of Louis, I've had that number for a very long time)