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〽️Me gusta viajar a tu recuerdo...

〽️Me gusta viajar a tu recuerdo...

I am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart!!

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Don't force it.

Moving On Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description How I feel about Manny… Sorry I need someone who makes it obvious that they want me in their life. Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

I will always love you b...

I will always love you b...

Have not erased your texts and everything of yours. I'll always hold them close to me. Close to my heart, and you'll always forever live in my soul. It remind me that the decade of love we had was real. Still is to me.

I might have erased you texts But i will never forget what you wrote. We may have stopped talking But i will never forget your voice. We may have stopped hugging. But i will never forget how you smell. Anything we did i will never forget.

I would've done anything for you... You just didn't see that.

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote We never dated. We are friends. And you have a girlfriend. And I want this day so you can realize it was me falling each day. And crying over how you “are so in love”… Sharing is Caring

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I think this is me all the way. Sometimes I think I was made to be alone.

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You hurt me more than what I deserve because I loved you more than what you deserve.

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I wish someone would understand ive done this

Show the effort other wise don’t expect it from me no more!

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote I'm not waiting….I will live my life and when you are ready you know how to find me….I'm not going anywhere but I am not setting here waiting on my phone to ring.

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This was me for so many years. Sad, but true. Ladies, know your worth! If his family friends and tour own judgements are telling you that you deserve better & And if he's like this quote- do yourself a favor and move on!

You were never going to be mine .  I fell for the promises and the words , oh those beautiful words ,  but reality is  you were never MINE .

What's hardest for a woman isn't losing him. It's forgiving herself for falling in love w/ his potential, knowing damn well she saw the warning signs & his inconsistency.

I found myself alone, crying endlessly, and hurting and that's when I decided I had to love myself more than I loved you.

Why ...

I hope one day I will pop up in your head and you'll think "I shouldn't of let her go.