ok so for some reason if you tag me i won't see that someone tagged me?¿ and for some reason i can't see when some people comment. uh idk what's going on, but i promise im not ignoring you. idk how to change it so yep :-// <-- same :-(

the day i get out of retail is the day i dye my hair purple again (or work somewhere that allows bright hair)

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HØLÕ-GRAM HAIR by located in Orlando FL. Beautiful pink, purple and blue hair color using Pravana hair dyes. “💿 HØLÕ-GRAM HAIR 📀 what do you guys think of this using and 🌈 That should be gorgeous as well! More Hair Styles Like This!

Cabelos Coloridos

Beautiful very long lavender/lilac/purple and light lavender/gray ombre hair! I love pastel type hair colors. I WISH I could do this (Hair envy!)… The length of her hair is perfect too.

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long dark purple hair love her hair! dyed tips twisted side ponytail Straight hair with texture on Gemma Ward

Bleach London Super Cool Colours. Ughh. I am most definitely in love with the Blullini, Awkward Peach, and the Washed Up Mermaid. Yes Please!

Bleach London Super Cool Colours


Idée Couleur & Coiffure Femme 2018 : Description The awkward moment when you die and your life flashes before you and all you see is the Internet.