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The "Wingless Plane" that ultimately sent Bill Horton to prison for stock fraud. story at click. (No relation to the German Horten brothers, of the famous Flying Wing)

F-18 embarcado

Navy sailors prepare to maneuver an F Hornet aircraft assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 97 on the Nitmitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis.

Closeup of an AD-2 Skyraider, 1952.

Closeup of an AD-2 Skyraider, 1952.

This LIFE magazine photograph taken during the Korean War illustrates a bombed-up Douglas Skyraider on a carrier.

google earth image of an airplane graveyard. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), also known as the Boneyard, is a four square mile site in Arizona housing 4,000 retired aircraft—or at least one of almost every US armed forces plane since WWII.

The World's Most Bizarre Aircraft Graveyards

The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), often called The Boneyard, is a United States Air Force aircraft and missile storage and maintenance facility in Tucson, Arizona, located on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Best view of Europe! B-17 (Norden Bombsite is covered)

Bombardier in nose of a plane at a base in England (no place to run, no place to hide).

#SpaceShuttle #Nasa

NASA's modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft with the Space Shuttle Endeavour

Shark mouths, Australian Air Force, South Africa Air Force, Canadian Air Force, Chinese Air Force and Brasilian Air Force

Grumman F4F Wildcat

Grumman FM 2 Wildcat Love this plane. They have one at the plane museum in Seattle Washington.

25 Outstanding Examples of Machine Photography

This is the ‘Angel of Death’, the world’s biggest flying artillery gun – and the latest weapon being used by British and US Special Forces.

Aircraft and Aviation Decor | Nautical Handcrafted Decor Blog

Mustang - The most influential weapon in the sky over Europe in WWII

Oil worker finds a nearly intact WWII-era Kittyhawk deep in the Sahara

Oil worker finds a nearly intact WWII-era Kittyhawk deep in the Sahara

May 2012 - An RAF fighter plane thought lost in the sands of time after its pilot crash landed in the desert during World War has been discovered in what has been described as the "aviation equivalent of Tutankhamun's Tomb".