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black big cat Dark Stare of a Black Leopard Big Cats Wallpaper


Jaguar- very unique panther.my totem isn't a panther though. its a normal jag…

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A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. In Latin America, wild ‘black panthers’ may be black jaguars; in Asia and Africa, black leopards ; in.

Mesmerizing stare...Snow Leopard...great shot!! made into a framed picture for livingroom

Snow Leopard Blue Eye - High quality htc one wallpapers and abstract backgrounds designed by the best and creative artists in the world.

Cool Tiger Pictures

44 Cool Tiger Pictures to Instill Awe and Wonder

Only baby tigers and white tigers have blue eyes: Stunning Reflection of Those Baby Blues ♥

The last black lion of earth, Khalid ibn al-Walid the sword of Allah, the lion of the Ummah was the last as well, they only way we can achieve victory and reach some of his status is to rise the black banner of Islam in the best manner. (All based on Quran and Sunnah)

Spot an all black lion. The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black.

Amazing puma

Magical Nature Tour magicalnaturetour: (via Black Jaguar Series by Colin Langford / My favourite animal. He is beautiful!

From one end of the color spectrum to another!! Have fun! BLACK ON BLACK! 10/30/15

Black Panther having a bad day - If you are unlucky enough to encounter this beautiful but deadly animal , YOU will be having a VERY BAD day too , probably LAST bad day you will ever have to endure though ☑️