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#YvonneCraig Lamentable pérdida para el mundo muy bella dama y a mi parecer la mejor batichica que ha existido.

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Spanking from Batman - Mmmmm I Love it. Bat Girl Yvonne Craig was introduced as Batgirl in the final season of the Batman TV Series, posters of her in full costume adorned the walls of countless millions of boys bedrooms around the world.

Cesar Romero as The Joker and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman on the 1960's TV series.

The Catwoman History

A TV Joker: Cesar Romero with Catwoman (played by Eartha Kitt) in a 1967 episode of Batman And Robin

A Visual Guide to All 37 Villains in the 'Batman' TV Series | Mental Floss

A Visual Guide to All 37 Villains in the Batman TV Series

Batman O.G.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Batman: 1966 Adam West on the set of the TV show "Batman" in From a series of photos taken by Richard Hewett for Look magazine


Adam West & Burt Ward on the Bat-Set by Richard Hewitt for Look Magazine Rumour has it, Aunt Harriet made weak tea.

Julie Newmar - statuesque - the only word that truly described her!  (And Jeri Ryan)

The very original! Julie Newmar The original Catwoman, Julie Newmar played the role in 12 episodes of the live-action Batman television series of the The classic Catwoman costume she wears was constructed by Newmar, using metallic Lurex yarn.

George Sanders as Mr.Freeze,  in Batman

George Sanders as Mr.Freeze, in Batman