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Clean EUC Farberware Superfast Fully Automatic 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot 122B

Clean EUC Farberware Superfast Fully Automatic 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot 122B

How to Clean Between Glass Oven Doors  ~ Remove the oven drawer, wrap one end of a THIN LONG branch in a paper towel, secure with duct tape, dip in Windex and squeeze out excess liquid, lie on the floor on your back, insert the stick up through the BOTTOM of the oven door between the 2 glass panes, and wipe in a windshield wiper motion until the spill is GONE! Whew!

How to Clean Between Glass Oven Doors

The Barista’s Guide To Brew A Perfect Cuppa At Home. I've worked as a barista before and some of these I have never heard of! Very cool!

The Barista's Guide To Brew A Perfect Cuppa At Home

Food Infographics - How to Make Coffee Like A Barista. The Barista's Complete Guide to Coffee.

Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee: 1 pound Ground Coffee (good, Rich Roast) 8 quarts Cold Water...brewed overnight & strained in cheesecloth= coffee concentrate Half-and-half (healthy Splash Per Serving) Sweetened Condensed Milk (2-3 Tablespoons Per Serving) Note: Can Use Skim Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Milk, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Syrups...adapt To Your Liking!

Perfect Iced Coffee

These iced coffee recipes make the perfect afternoon pick-me up, especially on a hot day! Actually - I would drink these in the morning

15 Iced Coffee Recipes You Need in Your Life

The temps are warming up which means it's time to trade in my hot cup of joe for refreshing iced coffee and these recipes are a delicious place to start!

Oooh! Flaming drinks should keep me warm http://matadornetwork.com/nights/10-drink-recipes-you-can-light-on-fire/

10 drink recipes you can light on fire

Anyone who has been following me on Twitter for some time knows that I am a heavy drinker of tea. I basically live on the stuff, and I am sometimes certain

Coffee vs. Tea: The Health Benefits Compared

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea Infographic. This infographic compares a side by side of the two popular beverages and illustrates the health benefits and downfalls of both so that the decision is best left up to the beverage consumer.

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Coffee Please Glitter iPhone Case

Protect your iPhone with this one of a kind coffee themed case! Featuring floating coffee cups with gold glitter and