I picked up this cool special effect makeup book and thought I should scanned some of the cool stuff in it. Sorry if you can’t read the text. just let me know and I can just type out what it...

Arm scratches using paint. Great for Halloween, stage or theatre makeup, or even for April fool's pranks//

How To (not by me I just wanna share this) / iFunny :)

Grell Teeth Tutorial by ~Foamcore-Ninja on deviantART: well, could use this for other sharp teeth peeps, or halloween

Invisible shoes for cosplaying a character with bare feet. Where have these been?!

I've had a surprising number of questions about the invisible shoes that I made for my Jack Frost costume. So, by request, here's a step-by-step tutorial! Many popular costumes call for bare feet .

Wig Styling 101: Spiking by *Malindachan Love how she made it into Link's hair. I should so do this.

Wig Styling Spiking by *Malindachan--Good to know, for when I can afford awesome wigs! lol or if I lose my hair from all the coloring!

Manly Makeup tutorial by ~MKToxic on deviantART

Crossplay Tutorial Manly Makeup<<really great beard, but I would do stuff with the eyebrows too