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Macaw Feathers by Henry Domke

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Albino Blue and Gold Macaw

‘Lutino’ Blue and Gold Macaw. The Blue and Gold Macaw is from South America.

https://flic.kr/p/b3pY3v | Feather closeup ... | Closeup of a Kingfishers wing feathers. It sadly lost its life after flying into a cottage window in mid december, and was brought round to me to take any photos before it was buried in their garden. Here you can see how the colours change with the light . It was photographed outside in morning light. Thanks to Olly for lending me his 90mm Tamron Macro lens.

Close-up of a Kingfisher's wing feathers: the colours change with the light. It was photographed outside in morning light

Washington, June 23 : A study has found that bird plumages exhibit only a small fraction - less than a third - of the possible colours birds can observe. Description from topnews.in. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Blue Anthrazite Feathers Bird plumages exhibit only small fraction of possible colours