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Got an old hose pierced lying around in your garage, you can make a basket with a hose and zip ties !

Diy: Hose Basket

Trash to Treasure: Re-Imagining Your Waste {Garden Hoses}

Trash to Treasure: Re-Imagining Your Waste {Garden Hoses

My garden hose wreath. Image only. Jan Roberts 2016. - Gardening Ideas

garden hose wreath by Jan Roberts 2016 . super cute for a garden wall/gate . coiled white hose with white berry branches flowing from the red end .

make a basket from your old garden hose

garden hose and zip ties add some garden accessories to make a great housewarming gift or a basket for an auction! Or make a planter from that old garden hose.

Love the idea of using old lengths of garden hose to cushion metal bucket handles! via This Old House

10 Uses For A Garden Hose

a broken garden hose by reusing sections as handles! Garden hose as bucket handle cushion (Photo: Jeff Harris Photography)

A basket made from an old garden hose.  Awesome idea, but I bet it weighs a ton.  Still cool though.

Woven Baskets From Old Hoses

Baskets made from hoses! saw these @ a craft show filled w/gardening stuff, gift baskets, Easter baskets, cute!

Woven Baskets From Old Hoses

Although it's the dead of winter and many parts of the country are covered with snow, we're still enamored with these recycled hose baskets from artist Chase DeForest

We go through several garden hoses each year.   There is a 200 foot stretch from the hydrant, in the front of our yard, to Drewman's chicke...

1 Old Garden Hose and 201 Zip Ties in garden 2 with Zip Ties Hose Garden DIY Basket