Польский театральный плакат

The contribution of Polish poster art has been substantive. Notice the graphic simplicity and simple direct iconic imagery.

Percepción Figura-Fondo: Percibimos los elementos separados del fondo, aunque también podemos tener la percepción contraria. Dicho esto, podemos observar que se confunde el fondo con el objeto. Y aunque claramente se ve un pájaro, no se sabe cual es el verdadero fondo de la imagen.

I thought these minimalistic illustrations were creative and clever. ‘The Art of Negative Space’ are illustrations by Malaysian graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong. He uses the negative space to tell stories or communicate certain ideas.


"Regards Coupables" is a french artist whose simple, clean-line illustrations express a sense of tongue-in-cheek sexuality that gets right to the poin.

Illustrations of 2015 on Illustration Served

My nine Is your noon; I'm just packing now Your winter My June; Wish I could pack you. "He's leaving" by Lang Leav Illustrations of 2015 by Kathrin Honesta on Behance


cutest little sun illustration ever! Kuala Lampur, Malaysia-based artist Heng Swee Lim's love to doodle has brought about adorable illustrations that are playfully paired with funny phrases and word puns.