airship carrier by on @DeviantArt

I don’t know if this is concept art for a modern version of a passenger and freight VTOL dirigible airship/Zeppelin, or a steam/dieselpunk illustration. If the latter, I wonder once again why notoriously hazardous* Zeps became the go-to image for.

ArtStation - Fighter, Fan Gao

Spaceship art by Fan Gao. Keywords: spaceship art by fan gao sci-fi science fiction technical concept art illustration design.

Un des avions fictifs de Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere

Un des avions fictifs de Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere

Looking for something different today? Check our selection of the art of Kemp Remillard, currently working at Massive Black, and recently involved in proje

roguetelemetry: “concept ships: Super VTOL aircraft and helicopter by Kemp Remillard ”

Jim Martin Design - Vehicles & Gear

Jim Martin Concept Art and Illustration: A VTOL CAS aircraft that is fitted with a quad-gun turret. Possibly a combination of and Good for counter-insurgency and infantry support.

German Ultralight by ~s2ka on deviantART

This is an improved version of my old ultralight design from way back - incorporating parts from actual super marine spitfires. Micro Art Studio plans to build miniature models based on this des.

YN-83 Karakovic by on @deviantART

Ok guys, first of all, I& very proud of this latest design of my never-gonna-fly serie. I call it "Manta" because its front structure looks like the manta ray. It has 4 propellers driven by t.

Scarlet Fury 01

Inspirational and unique Lego ship designs by Jon Hall. Keywords: concept lego spaceships planes by graphic desig.