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Lance: it's fun, hold on Keith

//Completed// Klance Fanfiction // The ship is practically canon so … Fanfiction

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Just a wonderful book of Klance. I don't own any of the characters or any of the pictures. Also, there is no smut in.


Wanna make this jacket, but not sure if I want to keep the longer back cape part thing of it?

Isn't this taken from percy Jackson?

Isn't this taken from percy Jackson? --> XD who really cares this comic has been going for all sorts of couples


Leeching off my gay ships because I’m single and lonely and fine thanks I have my fam

Keith is scared of the water

Keith is scared of the water<<<Not water because we've seen him go to use the pool, but what if he's scared of the ocean/lakes

You are coming down with me

Allura could walk into a room and I'd become a drooling puddle on the floor.<<<<<Same here <<<< "have you ever seen a person so beautiful you started crying" seems accurate