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Image copyright                  NASA                  Image caption                                      Algunos ven en esta imagen del huracán Matthew una calavera.                                El huracán Matthew es el más poderoso del Atlántico en casi una década.   La enorme tormenta, que ahora se dirige hacia Florida (EE.UU.)  impactó en Haití, Rep

Noticias ao Minuto - NASA divulga imagem ‘assustadora’ do furacão Matthew


Aerial view of marshes with seaweed exposed at low tide, Bahia de Cadiz Natural Park, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain - © Wild Wonders of Europe / Diego Lopez / WWF

Microscopic algae create a bright blue figure 8 in a new photo snapped by a European Earth-observing satellite.    Photosynthesizing micro-organisms called phytoplankton created the figure 8 in the south Atlantic Ocean, about 360 miles (600 kilometers) east of the Falkland Islands. The European Space Agency's Envisat spacecraft acquired the image on Dec. 2, 2011.

but does it float A phytoplankton bloom swirls a in the South Atlantic Ocean about 600 km east of the Falkland Islands. Different types and quantities of phytoplankton exhibit different colours, such as the blues and greens in this image, ESA

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Good Hurricane Irma (or any other storm) tracker

Yes, Ubercool is the way to descrbe this website! Ubercool wind animation all over the world. Wind and weather forecast for kiters, surfers, pilots and anyone else.

Fayetteville, TN | Weather Maps, Radar and Satellite | WeatherBug

Fayetteville, TN | Weather Maps, Radar and Satellite | WeatherBug

Philippines Haiyan degats - Recherche Google

The super typhoon likely made landfall with winds near 195 mph kph). This makes Haiyan the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall," Jeff Masters, director of meteorology at US-based Weather Underground, told Reuters.

Earth images from Envisat Satellite

Earth Images from Envisat Satellite

Hurricane Matthews center is 180 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, moving northwest at 14 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. This hurricane is currently hitting florida.

Satellite image of Lake Carnegie, Australia

Lake Carnegie, Australia Ephemeral Lake Carnegie, in Western Australia, fills with water only during periods of significant rainfall. In dry years, it is reduced to a muddy marsh.

Rare Event Of Three Category 4 Hurricanes Forming in the Pacific Ocean

A very rare meteorological event occurred Saturday evening into early Sunday morning when three Category 4 hurricanes were ongoing simultaneously in the Pacific Ocean. EDT Saturday, Huricane Kilo mph) was located well southwest of.

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Mind-blowing Photographs of Earth Taken From Space

Alt-J - An Awesome Wave From a multi-layered radar image of the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall near New Orleans, killing more than 1,800 people on August 29, 2005

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Hurricane Katrina made landfall near New Orleans, killing more than people on August 2005