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Image caption                                      A Millie le resulta difícil socializar y hacer contacto visual, para formar relaciones.                                "Me queda muy difícil hacer amigos, porque la gente me parece muy, muy difícil", cuenta Millie, una chica de 14 años que hace dos fue diagnosticada con el síndrome de Asperger. "Se me dificulta entender lo que la gente siente o lo que están queriendo dec

Millie is 14 and was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome two years ago

Read about my journey getting my son help with learning to read.  You have these kids in your class - no phonemic awareness, can't follow directions, things just don't stick.#SimplyKinder  Great for Kindergarten!

Struggling to Read, Struggling to Communicate, & Struggling to Connect

Great Resource for teachers and parents written from a Teacher/Parent dealing with Autism in her own son!

The History of Autism Infographic. I think the sudden spike in autism is because of nutrasweet.

History of Autism. Over the past century, the definition of autism and the array of disorders it encompasses has not only changed but also been subject to gross misunderstanding. Let’s take a look at a short history of autism, as well as current diagnosis

Fantastic Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) infographic -- shows how our sense work, what SPD is, signs of a sensory seeker and a sensory avoider, and a list of solutions for home, school, and pediatric therapy.  Pinned by MosaicWeightedBla...

What Is Sensory Processing?

Fantastic Sensory Processing Disorder Spd Infographic Shows How Our Sense Work What Spd Is Signs Of

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music [infographic]

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music [infographic]

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music - It been shown how constructive music education is in all areas of cognitive development, but it also proves to be especially helpful to those with ASD. As showcased by this infographic, it basically boils down to the two


Autism, parents, checklist, (ignore the 2013 bit) - a good perspective into what these parents have on their plates. Parents please note - it recommends "You time" as well, plus time & space away from the all consuming world of Autism.

Autism and Learning.  There are large differences in the ability to learn skills and behavior among persons affected by Autism.  A high percentage of Autistic students are capable of functioning well in educational situations with some modifications to the classroom environment.

Autism, Asperger's and Homeschooling

Autism and Learning - What is autism and how does it affect a way a person learns? This infographic takes a look at autism and learning. It shows what obstacles people have when they're autistic and what ways they can facilitate their education.

IEP Meeting Red Flags - wish I had this when the boys were still in public school!

Ten Red Flags To Listen For At An IEP Meeting - AutismBeacon. I heard most of these at IEP meetings at Deerfield Elementary School!

Anxiety is common in children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders. Here is a set of 32 cards for you to download and cut out to play a therapy game. The cards feature eight children with different anxiety profiles.  Card users identify with the children described on the cards and increase awareness of their own anxiety issues.  Tags: anxiety, Asperger's, social skills card game

Worry Cards (set of to help with anxiety, particularly in students with Asperger's or Autism

dyspraxia info

How to Deal With Dyspraxia Infographic. The Dyspraxia Infographic. The Pig Picture of Dyspraxia. The Details of Dyspraxia. Dyspraxia Tips.