Tom in his Loki get-up

I know they're all costume/hair/make-up designers, but it looks like they're saying "The costume! It's just so touchable!

The Hiddles wiggle - gif so cute!! I want to be in a dancewich between him and Benedict. It would be perfect. 3 goofy dancers. Although, they might make me look even more horrible than I already do while I dance...

The way they dance together when no one's watching. Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston Have The Hottest Bromance To Ever Exist XD

Tom Hiddleston Attends 'Thor' Comic-Con Panel as Loki! | tom hiddleston attends thor comic con panel as loki 01 - Photo

Tom Hiddleston Attends ‘Thor’ Comic-Con Panel as Loki! Tom Hiddleston takes the stage at the Thor: The Dark World panel as his villainous character Loki during 2013 Comic-Con on Saturday (July at the Convention Center's…


I think Loki keeps telling Thor not to trust him because he knows that Thanos can find him and take control of him at any time. So he tries to warn Thor as best he can.<<<That is an interesting comment.

Loki...this is rather hilarious.

Seeing Tom in all of his manliness is gorgeous, but when it's badass Loki, I could hyperventilate and die!

Burdened with glorious Loki locks (gif)

Burdened with glorious Loki locks (gif) His hair is in such a position that you can cover the locks with your thumbs and he looks like really intense Tom.

LOKI / Tom Hiddleston Appreciation Post ******************* DISCLAIMER: This is a LOKI/ Tom Hiddleston appreciation post. It is a gushing post, unashamedly biased and completely covered with imaginary.


God bless Tom Hiddleston and the wardrobe department! <-- haha pinning for the comment ----and the hair department.