Nice curby design to add to a sleek modern room. Miyake & Reality Lab: Mendori Lamp Issey Miyake and Reality Lab, 2012 Kressaty Design Store

Sustainable Origami Food Box: the package resembles a bud that blooms into a flower when opened and only uses one piece of paperboard with no glue.

Sustainable Origami Food Box

Inspiration: Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Sustainable Origami Food Box

The Folding Lamp designed by Belgian architect Thomas Hick #origami

The Folding Lamp Makes Origami Out Of Light

This lamp’s shade uses Japanese paper folding principles to let you adjust your room’s light any way you want.

Artists Uses Cardboard To Create Whimsical Scenes, Fun Stop-Motion Animation -

5 Artists who live and breathe recycling: Vera Van Wolfren - CAFE Mountain

Pierced Porcelain Table Lamps... This can be made! Glass vase with lace wrapped and glued around it. At this site these will set you back $30 - $40 each

Buy a Pierced Porcelain Table Lamps from Gardener's Supply. White bisque table lamps are beautiful accent lights. Intricate scrollwork cut-outs create a fascinating play of light.