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Angel's Heart -The Dream of Arcana- Lolita Long Sleeves OP Dress

Sweet Lolita - Angel’s Heart The Dream of Arcana series preorder - jumperskirt, skirt, long sleeved one piece dress, one piece dress, accessories

She's been on the run for 5 years now, they say her children live; cloaked in white fur.

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Edie Campbell by Tim Walker fore Vogue Italia December 2015 7

Visual Junkee: CHECK MATE - model: Edie Campbell - photographer: Tim Walker - fashion editor: Jacob K - hair: Shon Ju - makeup: Miranda Joyce - set design: Shona Heath - Vogue Italia December 2015

novemberkind:  Die Sterntaler (2011), Märchen nach den Gebrüdern Grimm As they showed this fairytale movie on tv by the Grimm Brothers today, I just again like always fell in love with the clothing of the common folk in those films. The rustic fabric and the darker colors, together with the endless layering. I would wear it just like that. Actually I never post pictures I haven’t made myself on here, but I also saw a bit of myself in it I have to say.

Meira Durand as Mina in the 2011 German movie "Die Sterntaler" (The Star Money) a Brothers Grimm tale. Such a cute mori style outfit.